Mediocrity, crueler than mere failure

Not every problem needs to be overcome, just the ones stopping you from getting where you want to be.

Ann Hill

How much attention, time, and energy will you pour into the project? How long will you stay with something while others fall back and quit? That’s what makes the difference.

Vanes have no direction in life. Reality is too complicated and we have got to do the best we can. Mediocrity, crueler than mere failure.

In such doodles, the details really matter, choose a mind-clearing activity that works best for you. For every two steps forward, we see a step back. By definition, art is human. Lifeless things are pictured as human. Personification uses conceptual art as a magical approach.

The sharing principle allows art to progress efficiently.

Predicting the present

By definition, art is human, rationality can wait at the door. But is it a true representation or reality?

Why art is difficult to understand? Because artworks are human-like.

Personification has leadership in the visual arts, because human-like artworks are living things. Personification means giving human traits, emotions and qualities, to inanimate objects. they’re already in touch with their warm and curious sides before matching with a stranger.

Witty images are already in touch with their warm and curious sides before matching with another picture. Such nominalization examples are helpless artspeak exercices.

The eccentric canvas knows how to look funky as contemporary kitsch for escaping its flat life. Certain paintings that make them more memorable as art with meaning.

Proof i exist. I just dont like personification.

A bad idea from the start

“ For those of us with conceptual art allergies, figure drawing is a godsend!”

Invisible artworks challenge the "high art" world.

Some might argue, of course, that desire is invisible and unrepresentable, but regarding invisible artworks, there are some things which are very clear. Invisible pictures have no fear of the dark.

I have sympathy for abandoned objects, so I always try to rescue them as much as I can.

The death of Robert Rauschenberg, May 12, 2008.

cynic or funny sarcastic

Good art dies three times a day.

The ancient myths are now online with claims to universal aesthetic truth, I suspect it’s nostalgia.

Donald Kuspit

Living without humor is the biggest waste of time known to man. Ugly ducklings may not get time to be swans. That’s not quite how things work out.

Certainly nothing expresses the conditional nature of the world around us more dramatically than the real Santa. Timewaster is being useful when you have nothing that helps you to find the funny in things.

naive effect

The naive effect, preference for the less perfect artworks, plays an enigmatic role in art. Is it really an effect or is it a cause? Many have puzzled over why bad paintings still thrive, low esthetics, which is relatively unpleasant, even when good art is present.

Lumping together massively edgy artworks such as contemporary art museum (master) pieces in the same list as much smaller midget artworks (that may be excellent in their own ways).

Pictures were mostly just dreaming of becoming butterflies to entertain themselves. I liked this story, but it's a pity the pictures were on the page they were discussed instead of hidden at the end.

Many pictures have learned to be afraid of their own thoughts.