Parallel that matters

Parallel zebra lines in another corner of the art sphere.

It is clear that there is more than a kernel of truth to the notion that silly thoughts are intrinsic to the manufacturing of whimsy art.

humble random patterns

Thus one is left to the conclusion that truly immaterial factors play a major role in making interesting works. These "truly immaterial factors" may also be known as hard to decipher complexity.

When we speak of something being complex, what we are doing is making use of everyday language to express a feeling or impression that we dignify with the label complex.

John Casti


Emmelina conceived a singular vision integrating drawing, irony and witty banter. Complicated simplicity has been interested in art its whole life, that is the whole point.

from Eubulides who is the greater paradoxer, knowledge is fun but judging art is hopelessly subjective.

old art for modern primitive artists

The old art defends itself from modern primitive artists by suggesting that there is neither aesthetics nor psychosocial need for it.

Donald Kuspit

Idiosyncratic art listens more and talk less.