curse of dimensionality

DNA is the fetish concept of our times

The human genome, the very "secret of life" itself, is decoded, and everything remains the same.

W. J. T. Mitchell

don't give up, persevere, achieve

"What's cool is that we're a mosaic of pieces of genomes, none of us is truly normal."


The adoption of flowers as a passive lure in the service of procreation can be found in perhaps its most ritual form in wedding pictures, in the hair and hands of the brides.

genetic art

James Watson and Francis Crick, the academic compartmentalization of knowledge has evidently kept art customers from realizing that they were actually all looking at different manifestations of the genealogical principle of codescent.

Gregor Mendel's dream

Please excuse any errors in written communication as I’m genetically predisposed to communicating better with images than words.

Chad Kouri

humble random patterns

Good pictures are as gregarious as termites. In this part of the internet, we like to keep our pixels happy, it's terribly simple.

Art world consider narrative painting to be atavistic. Art is a question of funny DNA and genetics.

DNA without art is useless because the creativity of alternative DNA art is inseparable from its demonstrated functionality. Life without art is useless.