artfulness of the surrounding environment

Sand fleas produce a body of work that transforms banal, everyday objects into extraordinary sculptures wherein ephemera becomes aesthetic.

Crabby sounds a great deal too big for his boots.

robot bathing

Crabs living under boulders celebrate the artfulness of the surrounding environment.

Crabby artists seemed to be disagreeing to a thought of Pascal’s wondering about painting ‘it is the vanity of a painting which attracts our admiration by the resemblance of things where we do not admire the original models”. Truth in art is not skill and life-like accuracy.

art meets science

When art meets science, the design of the tangible object is fundamental to the success of any useful artwork.

absurd drawing

Slow art cannot be separated from true life. Irony should treat each picture as an individual. Idiosyncratic art listens more and talk less.

Crabby art can wear almost everything, or almost nothing. It's impossible to propose a credible solution to a problem that you don't understand.

The law of conservation applies to some things and not to others, and the things which it does not apply are unreal.

James Johnstone (1914), The Philosophy of Biology

Every time a picture came to me I always encouraged it to follow its passion and happiness, working on the right thing is probably more important than working hard.

absurd drawing

When you look at good art, it looks back at you.

Don’t ask someone else tell you how to be a contemporary hermit crab without shell. Knowledge is power for true crabs, assiduity makes all things easy, the theoretical hermit crab keeps my muse active.