prior indigo rectangles

The seventy-five shades of indigo the art world can support at any one moment.

Rectangles support the bayesian point of view of prior images to be taken into account, our mental imagery is not flat.

Dual representation of figurativeness versus abstraction

"Models should be as simple as possible, but not more so, personal taste matters."

Einstein, Neither math and myths are uninteresting and shallow.

homemade oil pastel

The blue sky project of indigo homemade oil sticks.

indigo and oil

Isatis tinctoria = Dyer's woad (Marlahan mustard) was cultivated for several centuries in Europe as a source of blue dye.

Archimedes, meaningful colors is only side of a rectangle in the web of art sites.

What color is home-made indigo?

No need for a crystal ball, figure painting with unconventional, nonconformist natural indigo which pushes the envelope of traditional nature painting.

Looks like a cuttlefish black pigment, but actually made with genuine natural indigo extracted from isatis tinctoria.