nature's daily jumble

To create unity, art has to follow not nature's aspect but what jumble scramblers really are. Appearing in oppositions, nature's daily jumble has a longer life in this fickle industry.

Never believe a picture in which only one side is shown.

quirky hippocampus

Fragility is also formally and conceptually at the heart of artistic creation. If only it were that simple. The strangest creatures often have the most important tales to tell.

three-dimensional stereotypes

The aquatic realm is defined by its three-dimensional volumetric scale, facilitating vertical and horizontal movements of pictures compared to the more constrained two-dimensional space inhabited by terrestrial artworks.

"We all know that stereotypes are bad, false images that prevent us from truly seeing other people. We also know that stereotypes are, at a minimum, a necessary evil, that we could not make sense of or recognize objects or other people without the capacity to form images that allow us to distinguish one thing from another, one person from another, one class of thing from another."

W.J.T. Mitchell

enigmatic visual humor

Scratch that, the difference between a scientist and a crank is that a scientist can admit a mistake and throw away a theory. Cranky artists that defy the traditional contexts of gallery environments propose definitions for beauty through the use of enigmatic visual humor and weirdo theoretical images, not only from bad luck but also from sloppiness and error. Life is just lunacy. Confident pictures are anti-perfectionists.

the tortoise sets his own pace

Digging around in the internet one can often find works supporting just about any view. Are these results surprising, and are they important? meaningless sentences causes people to become sick from worry.

In art race, the tortoise sets his own pace.