Influenced by other painters, Martre Brush focuses on the process of painting itself. She always weasels out of doing the dishes.

Lunatic Rhino claims that art is unpredictable like the path of a butterfly. Life is lunacy, so are lunatic canvas.

Sometimes we communicate something we are unaware of.

Emmelina has created a cast of characters.

Howard Cerithium is an old scholar living in Lutece.

Howard Cerithium

Rose Sandspurry is a botanist.

Crabby Hermit never met a carcinologist. Much of Hermit's life and practice remain a mystery. Deep secrets about Crabby Hermit encourages visitors to play the role of art detective.

Frog science is a cultural structure that feeds our imagination whether one believes it or not.

Our personalities are determined by the absence of certain experiences rather than those we have already had.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Claustrophobic Earthworm is boring but interesting, learning what stories paintings tell about the hand that made them.

I am not searching for Art, I'm just looking to paint. Well, this is something that can pass for art.

Roger Penrose

Sgraffito Sphinx makes slow art as a cryptic artist.

One thing's for certain: pictures are all ultimately working with the same page.

Hare is ranked as the 32851st most popular given name in the United States.

Randomwalk Bombus, also known as Rand Bombus, loves drip paintings and moths.

"It was very disappointing for me finding what art world is, which is basically a business."

Dan Witz