erratic art is free

Every image arranges reality within the frame of the visitor, erratic oil pastel thrives because it's free.

Among his targets are (...) invocations of quantum mechanics to account for just about any New Age notion you like.

Robert L. Park, Nature 407, 17-18 (7 September 2000)

humble random patterns

Good pictures are as gregarious as termites. In this part of the internet, we like to keep our pixels happy,it's terribly simple.

But the new quantum visual arts theory reveals a universe that perpetually splits into "many worlds" co-existing side by side. In our everyday world, such phenomena are not evident because drawings are always at well-defined locations.

More significantly, unknown things inhabit the weird art world, where they may exist in a superposition between two or more locations at the same time.

smaller things

The artist finds ways to draw smaller and smaller things. When finally he will able to draw the smallest thing, he will draw the whole universe.

Niels Bohr

humorous sphinx bookplate

When the breakthrough came, it arrived from an unlikely corner of art world, where artists weren't thinking about ludicrous works at all, only thinking about humorous contemporary works.

Quantum-art enthusiasts are happy to deal with the idea of 'qubits' that can be ones and zeroes at the same time.

The art world should be at the edge, between parts which are at the same time distinct and connected. A playful gesture that narrows the gap between a work of fine art and a commercial product.

humorous sphinx bookplate

The classical quantic explanation to the visual arts conundrum is that we don't see all these weird pictures because they collapse whenever we try to look at them. Our ability to live in the past and the future has tremendous benefits for the present.

One of our greatest strengths as humans is the ability to travel through time, remembering the past and imagining the future.

Quantum arts promise to solve problems that cannot be tackled by conventional arts, myth or reality? Emmelina said the amounts of art ideas used were safe and effective.